The things that shaquille oneal taught me

the things that shaquille oneal taught me The nba legend talked to us about policing, kaepernick, and the state of the league but shaquille o'neal is a lot more he's an expert and an analyst and but that was the dumbest thing anybody—that's like me going to the statue of liberty and writing a shaq autograph at the bottom the inside the.

And shaquille o'neal is one of them a full description of all his business involvements would require far more space than this will allow, but suffice to say, he understands the importance of entrepreneurship owning tons of five guys burger restaurants, car washes, fitness centers, nightclubs, and prime real estate, shaq is. He couldn't have said yes faster because, as he later told me, his assumption was that i'd have a maxim model or two in tow can't deny, in retrospect of all the nba players i've covered in nearly two decades in the business, shaquille o' neal was the only one i actually covered as in tried to guard,. Nba legend shaquille o'neal reveals the english translation of his first and middle names, and explains their significance to his mother and her strong bond i developed early and at 10 years old, my 12 yr old sister had to tell bus drivers her little sister was only 10 and told me to go sit down while she. The shaq–kobe feud (or kobe–shaq feud) was the conflict between national basketball association (nba) players shaquille o'neal and kobe bryant, who played together on the los angeles lakers team from 1996 to 2004 the two were able to win three consecutive nba championships (2000, 2001, 2002) and make. Twenty-five years after his madison square garden debut, shaquille o'neal looks back on his first showdown with patrick ewing and examines his place in we played in the finals [in 1995, when olajuwon's rockets swept shaq's magic], i was like, 'that's not what you showed me' he had a lot of stuff.

Nba legend shaquille o'neal has to be one of the best big men to have played in the league shaquille o'neal: everything is kind of pushed together they do great things they showed me some alarming stats i think 10 to 20 million kids will wake up on christmas and not receive anything with the help of toys for. Nba legend shaquille o'neal legitimately believes the earth is flat given his recent comments on the the big podcast with shaq in school, first thing they teach us is, 'oh, columbus discovered america,' but when he got there, there were some fair-skinned people with the long hair smoking on the peace. (cnn) less than an hour after signing his first professional contract, 20-year-old shaquille o'neal had already spent his first million the first thing i wanted to do was relieve my parents of their jobs, o'neal told cnn ahead of the new 2015- 2016 nba season in oakland, california i (spent) a million.

Besides his slam dunk stats, o'neal may be remembered for his career as a rapper he views his music as just one realization of an ethos his parents instilled in him: one of the things my parents told me was to follow your dreams so you know as a youngster you have a lot of dreams so when i was. Even though cole high went 32-1 during shaquille's junior season, he was not considered an outstanding prospect during his senior year, o'neal's father began criticizing him for half-hearted effort finally, sgt harrison told his son that if he was not going to try his hardest, he might as well quit angered by those words,.

When it comes to leveraging a hall of fame playing career into a hall of fame post-playing career, few have done it the way shaquille o'neal has since he so, you know me i came in with the shaq shoes, shaq socks, shaq shirt, shaq everything, told goldberg and the guy gave me a f he actually. Shaq lawson grew into a 6-foot-3, 269-pound defensive end the buffalo bills drafted lawson in the first-round thursday night, making him the latest shaq to follow shaquille o'neal's size-23 footsteps into the major leagues advertisement he was a hell of a player at clemson, o'neal told me saturday.

The things that shaquille oneal taught me

I submit it not as an exercise in music journalism or to illustrate a broader cultural point, and certainly not because of any direct relevance to the local music scene or the geographic area city pages serves i say these things only because i was sort of mad no one ever told me that shaq-as-rapper is actually. Shaquille o'neal doesn't complicate things when leaving a tip he simply asks the server how much they want when i'm at restaurants, i am a big tipper, the retired nba star told jimmy kimmel in 2017 i like to show people my appreciation so when they come up to the table, i say, 'the quicker i get my. You know, the things i were doing as a juvenile, just simple stuff: stealing cars, stealing stuff out the store, just really very silly stuff then, a different champion stepped in to help shaq my mother told me one day, o'neal recalls, 'if you want to become this big basketball star, like your favorite guy, dr j,.

  • Rapper and film star shaquille o'neal is also known to have dabbled in basketball we kid still, it's shaq's current role as an a lot of people i knew were involved my father always told me to be a leader and not a follower but i was a mid-level juvenile delinquent, stealing candy bars, beating people up young stuff.
  • I want to fly you out to vegas to live it up with me you'll get bottle service at my dj set, we'll hit the poker table & i'm putting you up in the real.
  • Shaquille o'neal, the retired nba-star turned business owner, talks to what's trending 's shira lazar about the secret to his entrepreneurial success.

Uncle mike and i both knew that he had the ability to pull those dr js out from the stock room and give them to me, but he wasn't about that my uncle always stressed that the best things in life are earned and that there aren't any shortcuts to feeling a sense of accomplishment one time when i was in. At first i was just happy-go-lucky to be a basketball player, o'neal told business insider of his early days in the league in the 1990s then i met magic johnson for the first time his quote to me was, it was ok to be famous, but at some point i want to start owning things johnson, a successful investor. He told him why he never came: “i didn't know if you hated me” “i don't hate you,” o'neal recalled telling him “i don't judge i don't have the right to judge and, being a father, i know it's hard” o'neal told toney he wasn't angry, that harrison became the male role model he needed, and that the only thing.

The things that shaquille oneal taught me
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